Structural Surveys

There are various times when you may need a defect report carried out on a residential or commercial building. Typically these take the form of either a structural survey of a prospective property to identify key areas of work or problems that will need rectifying, or investigation of problems you are experiencing, for instance, sagging floors or cracking walls, in a property you already own.

The engineers at Toynbee Associates have substantial experience in working with existing buildings ranging from domestic dwellings, through 1960s concrete buildings to larger listed buildings. We can come out to your building or a prospective property to inspect key items identified in previous surveys or areas that concern you in your own home or new premises.

We will visit the property to carry out an inspection and will produce a summary report on the defect, outlining any further investigations required to properly identify the causes. Once this is completed we can propose remedial measures to address the major issues as a separate service.

Should you require it Toynbee Associates can then provide a full structural and remedial works services to resolve the issues identified.